The Premiere

A very special highlight awaits us at the end of every festival week.
Since the foundation of the International Children’s Choir Festival Dresden 2006,
a work for children’s choirs, specially composed for the festival,
has been premiered in cooperation with the ‘Dresden Frauenkirche Foundation’.
In 2018, the composer’s name was Christoph Hiller and his work is called
The Journey of the Quiet Thought.

The Composer

Christoph Hiller

Christoph J. Hiller studied conducting, school music and trumpet at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar.
Since then he has been responsible for the management of various ensembles and choirs in the classical and popular area. He continued his own activity in singing as a bass in the pop vocal band „Sonic Suite“. He is also a sought-after workshop lecturer such as at the „Salzburg Summer Courses“, the „Ferderal Congess Musical lessons“, the, the „Chorpagogical Summer Course“ and the „Choral Festival Szczecin“.
He received prices for choir compositions prizes at the „Visions – Jazz and Pop Choir“ competition and in the children‘s choir category at the „V.-E.-Becker Composition Competition“. The project „Border singer – Catch your dreams“ under his artistic direction was awarded the „Children of Olympus“ prize by the Cultural Foundation of the Federal States and broadcast in a five-part documentary on MDR television.
Since 2015, composition and music production has been the center of his work. The Jury Award at CutOutFest Mexico 2017 was nominated for the film „Tamah“ (Erhan Yürük) for „Golden Eye – Best International Film Music“ and premiered by the Tonhalle Orchestra under the direction of Frank Strobel at the International Film Festival Zurich.

The Work

Journey of the Quiet Thought

Once a thought was born,
A quiet thought,
A thought of hope,
Purity, nothing to adorn.

Born in a cave
Made of grey, enlightened just
By the glint
Of ancient shadows brave.

Safe and peaceful he grew,
Borne by the love of his tribe,
Tutelar hand of eternal shadows,
Importance to ascribe.

Still they saw them,
Every morning anew,
Still they were and they went,
Merrily and blue.

A roaring lion, a silent house,
The calling of horses so wild,
The talking eye and the dancing hands,
Shadow world ‐ cave walls child.

Everyday labor, everyone’s woe,
Love, lust, brimming with mirth,
Everything’s guided by the holy shadows,
The wall determined by birth.

The quiet thought went through childhood,
Wisdom obtained,
Glory he gained
Outlaying the life of the shadows.

Priest of the illumed wall,
Master of the eternal shadow,
Everyone witnessed his all‐knowing call,
Quiet thought – believers meadow.

But one morning everything changed,
A scream, a fearful eye,
A stranger entered the cave,
Strong himself he came by.

Too fast to act, too strong to resist,
Tied by the clutch of a hand,
The quiet thought couldn’t elude
The force of the unknown land.


Compelled and wrested, dragged through dust,
The thought began screaming first‐time,
No tender safeness he could trust,
Pulled straight forward to a new clime.

And as he was whisked of his homelike cave,
A fire appeared to his eyes,
Talking people carrying things in front,
Suddenly, he felt like a slave.

The sound of the voices, the shape of the things,
Understanding nothing at all,
He raised his eyes and dazed he beheld
The shadows on the grey wall.

Before he could handle the confusing scene
Before he could stop the scream,
They reached the entrance to the cave
And he was thrown into a dream.

Silence. Lively silence. Silence all over.

As he awoke, his eyes were flooded
With all the colors around,
Vivid fields and gleaming rivers,
Forests wreathed in vibrant sound.

Light. Soaking light. Light all over.

Blinded by clearness, slowly he saw,
More and more details were born.
Discerning the present he understood,
Remembrance of shadows was torn.

Clearness. Enclosing clearness. Clearness all over.

No eternal darkness, no cave, no wall,
Freedom of a brave new world,
New ceiling, new truth, new notion let fall
Apart convictions he shared.

Freedom. Unleashed freedom. Freedom all over.

And just in a moment the thought turned back,
Stared at the scene in the cave,
The fire, the wall, the shadows, his tribe,
Love overtook him in a wave.

Love. Unconditional love. Love.