Koris Dzeguzites from Ventspils, Latvia


The girls’ choir from grades 7 to 9 of the Ventspils high school was founded in 1968. With a variety of concert programs, the girls’ choir led by Irena Irbe from 1968 to 2016 not only performed at local events, but also internationally in Belarus, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy. The choir has been led by Rita Birzule since 2018.

The choir’s repertoire includes works that arouse the tireless desire to make music themselves and give the listeners real pleasure. It ranges from works by Latvian composers, folk song collections from all over the world, to classical and spiritual pieces, as well as the music of contemporary composers.
With the performances of this repertoire, the choir has already achieved some successes at home and abroad, such as prizes at the Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration, the Latvian International Choir Festival „We Make Music Together“, the Grand Prix at the Choir Festival in Brumundal, Norway, the Advent Festival in Prague or the Isola del Sole in Grado, Italy.

Together, the choir classes develop a value system for the music, themselves, the teachers, the class and the choir members. The girls gain their stage experience through regular school and city events, concerts, shows and festivals.

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