Patrons of the Festival


“The acquisition of a patronage supports the work of initiatives and associations. Thereby personalities from different industries like politics, economy and culture are representing our festival to the public. We are very grateful, that we were able to win some prestigious patrons for our festival throughout the last few years. “
“ Music is a universal language that doesn’t need translation. It empowers people to understand their surroundings imminently and to communicate with others – the young musicians and the spectators will certainly show and experience it in a very imposing way.” Michael Sanderling


“ Music is a language, that is understood by all man kind around the globe, that overcomes borders and boundaries and unites each and everyone.”


“ The biannual festival enriches the musical life of our city in a tuneful and at the same time sustainable way. “
Helma Orosz


“ As a patron of the festival in the year 2010 I wish all the participants many beautiful musical experiences, unforgettable personal encounters and the most of fun for the joint adventures.”
Prof. Kurt Masur


“ I’m cheerful that our young philharmonic singers initiated a International Children’s Choir Festival for the second time now, to make it happen, that children and young adults from Australia, China, Hungary, South Africa and Germany are able to produce some extraordinary music together.” Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos


“ The working with young people involved in choir communities is especially pursuing the maintenance of the idea to connect between nations, to show young people from other countries our culture and its treasures and to encourage the feeling of togetherness.” Prof. Peter Schreier


Spenden Sie, um Brücken zu bauen!

Das Internationale Kinderchorfestival Dresden wird ehrenamtlich und ausschließlich durch Fördermittel und Spenden finanziert. Aus diesem Grund sind wir auf Ihre Unterstützung angewiesen und dankbar für jede Spende als Partner.